We sell a wide range of great tanning products uniquely design to enhance your tanning session to get the best effects from your sessions.




Using a tanning lotion increases the effect of your tanning session many fold. It allows the skin to absorb UV light much quicker. without using tanning lotion the tanning process takes 5-7 minutes to begin with a loin it take 30 seconds! Here are some of the different types of products.


Accelerators  – Helps bring melanin to the surface to get quicker tanning results reducing over expose.


DHA Bronzers – Ultimate bronzing lotion that also contains a percentage of self tanning product, vitamin-rich and non-tingle, produce both instant and long-lasting colour that can last up to 6 days.


Tingle – An immediate, warm tingle feeling and slight reddening occurs increase blood circulation which triggers melanin production. Only recommended for advanced tanners, should be used on legs only.


Anti Tatoo Fade – Reduce tatoo fade


After Tan – Maintains and  extend the life of your tan.


Facial Tanner – It is not recommended to use a generic tanning lotion on your face, specific facial tanning creams are available for this.


Tanique tip! Take your tanning accelerators on holiday with you and use under your normal sun protection for a quicker deeper tan