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Whilst we have a standard rate that we charge per minute for each type of bed there are always discounted packages available when you by multiple minutes. For instance, a prestige 1400 which a standard charge is £0.85p per minute. If you purchased a bundle package of 100 minutes it could be £70 reducing the per minute cost to £0.70p.


There is a 20% discount for first time users, or various loyalty discounts. We also often run monthly unlimited packages which allow you to tan once in every 24 hours period and lasts 31 days. Also, when you buy any package (except unlimited) they have NO expiry date whatsover.


More often than not, we run weekly promotions - why not pop in and see us or call to ask about current promotions.


Standard Pricelist

Prestige Tanning Packages

PAY AS YOU GO - 95p per min

60 Mins - £48 (80p per min)

80 Mins - £60 (75p per min)

120 Mins - £84 (70p per min)

Light vision Tanning Packages

PAY AS YOU GO - £1 per min

60 Mins - £50 (85p per min)

80 Mins - £64 (80p per min)

100 Mins - £75 (75p per min)

Unlimited 31 Day Memberships

Prestige Monthly Membership £80

Light vision Monthly Membership £120

Weekly memberships available!

(Ask a member of staff for full T&C’s)

Sunrise Package

Stand Up Only

PAY AS YOU GO - 95p per min

60 Mins - £40 (66p per min)

New Customer Package

Includes All Sunbeds

45 Mins - £30 (66p per min)


All Tanning packages have NO EXPIRY DATE

Autumn is Calling

        50 minutes - £45.00

        Get 25 Minutes FREE

Only + £5 to include Lightvision!

End of Summer Sale!

        60 minutes - £40.00
        80 minutes - £50.00
        100 minutes - £60.00

Add an extra £5 to include Lightvision!

Blue Light, Students, Nhs staff and all in active service


15% special discount


For a limited time!

10% Loyalty Discount


Off full priced packages when you top up before your existing minutes expire.


For a limited time!

Refer A Friend


You can receive a £5 credit for every friend you refer.


Call us for more details!