The key to maintaining a natural glow is to ensure finding the right tanning plan for your unique skin type.

Customer Care
& Guide



Customer care is paramount to any business and here at Tanique we ensure all our staff our fully trained to give our customers a great experience and always show professionalism. We like to think our customers are our friends.


Our staff have many years’ experience working in the Tanning industry and there isn’t anything we don’t know about indoor tanning. We can advise you on any aspect of your program.


For first timers in our shop, you will get a full personal consultation and a registration form will be required prior to tanning which will help us understand your skin type and determined whether you are on any medication that may affect your tanning process you will receive a full explanation of procedures and how to use our beds.


We pride ourselves on Controlled safe responsible tanning.


Anything you need just ask!


Tanique in an independently owned business, meaning we make all our decisions in house and not governed but corporate decisions.


For the safety and security of your account with us we have a biometric finger print system to protect your minutes and also to ensure only 1 tanning session within the recommended 24 hour period.


Lamps are renewed abiding by health and safety regulations.



Skin Types

  • Skin Type 1:
    Very Sensitive Skin :- red/blonde hair, blue/green eyes, very pale skin or would not normally tan outdoors, won't recommend using a sunbed.
  • Skin Type 2:
    Sensitive Skin, fair to light brown hair, blue/green/grey eyes, light to medium skin.
  • Skin Type 3:
    Normal Skin  medium to olive skin, medium to brown hair, grey/brown eyes.
  • Skin Type 4:
    Skin Tans very easily never burns in sun dark olive to light brown skin, dark eyes and dark hair.



You are UNABLE to use UV tanning facilities if

  • Pregnant Women
  • if you are under medical supervision
  • if prescribed medication or take any form of drugs
  • Diabetics
  • If hypersensitive to light
  • Skin Type 1



We advise people that suffer with any of the below seek medical advice before using UV equipment

  • Moles that change shape or colour
  • dizziness or fainting
  • heart conditions
  • Allergies or prickly heat
  • skin sores
  • headaches and migraines
  • High or low blood pressure