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SRD471_488DP_GR_72dpiThe top Sunrise 488 Dynamic Power model with 48 UV lamps delivers up to approx. 25% more UV output per watt input thanks to dimmable electronic ballasts. In addition, the balanced control of the lamps ensures a consistent tanning performance throughout the entire lifetime of the lamps. On the energy-saving setting, the lifetime of the lamps is extended to 1,200 hours.

A tanning session on the Sunrise 488 is now also a fitness session at the same time. Vibra Shape allows customers to train their physical fitness as they tan without even breaking into a sweat. The rhythmic vibrations of the Vibra Shape plate have numerous positive effects on health: They promote muscle generation, energise fat reduction and improve physical mobility and coordination. The improved supply of nutrients to the skin also enhances the tanning effect.

  • Bright White
  • Mood Light
  • Ambient Light
  • 48 x 200W*
  • Dynamic Power

* Maximum output


  • Vibra Shape Vibrationtraining


  • Silent Cooling
  • Optional: Aqua Fresh & Aroma
  • Optional: Stereo Sound / 3D Sound inkl. Voice Guide, MP3-Connection, Auto Play & Auto Volume
  • Voice Guide