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Skin Type 1:

Very Sensitive Skin :- red/blonde hair, blue/green eyes, very pale skin or would not normally tan outdoors, wont recommend using a sunbed.

Skin Type 2:

Sensitive Skin, fair to light brown hair, blue/green/grey eyes, light to medium skin.

Skin Type 3:

Normal Skin  medium to olive skin, medium to brown hair, grey/brown eyes.

Skin Type 4:

Skin Tans very easily never burns in sun dark olive to light brown skin, dark eyes and dark hair.


You are UNABLE to use UV tanning facilities if

  • Under 18 yrs old
  • Pregnant Women
  • if you are under medical supervision
  • if ¬†prescribed medication or take any form of drugs
  • Diabetics
  • If hypersensitive to light
  • Skin Type 1


We advise people that suffer with any of the below seek medical advice before using UV equipment

  • Moles that change shape or colour
  • dizziness or fainting
  • heart conditions
  • Allergies or prickly heat
  • skin sores
  • headaches and migraines
  • High or low blood pressure