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10644219_1499244683689795_6097053843728922196_oThe Inspiration 600 from Ergoline sets new standards in the mid-level sunbed class. Eye-catching styling and a fascinating LED Light Show – with color schemes that can be set to match salon décor – give this tanning unit an unmistakable look.

Adding to its gorgeous looks, the Inspiration 600 gets Ergoline’s new Personal Comfort feature. VIP customers utilizing their own NFC Customer Card can swipe it on the canopy in order to be greeted by name and also have their preferred comfort settings already in place. To ensure a perfect, all-around tan, the Inspiration 600 has 42 Dynamic Performance UV lamps and four Ultra Performance facial tanners.


  • Design: Satin Silver
  • LED Light Show more than 800 High Performance LED´s
  • Choose from more than 200 selected colours and light effects
  • LED Interior Light: Brightly lit interior
  • 42 x 200W*  / 4 x 400W* +  3 x 8W
  • Dynamic Performance / Smart Performance
  • Ultra Performance Plus
  • 0,3 Optimized Performance

* Maximum output

  • NFC Connect / Personal Comfort
  • Air Condition Plus
  • Comfort Cooling Plus
  • Bodyform Plus Acrylic
  • Optional: Aqua Fresh & Aroma
  • Optional: 3D Sound incl. Voice Guide, MP3 connection, Auto Play & Auto Volume
  • NFC Connect
  • Personal Comfort for customers
  • Voice Guide