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Tanique was founded in October 2014. We are Cheltenham’s newest unique bespoke Tanning salon located 29 winchcombe street, just off Cheltenham main High street. We pride ourselves on Controlled safe responsible tanning.
Our staff have many  years experience working in the Tanning industry and there isn’t anything we don’t know about indoor tanning.

We offer our customers a wide range of choices from Stand up tanning, vibro tanning to lay down tanning.

Our philosophy from the beginning was to provide a safe clean sterile environment for indoor tanning and to embrace exceptional customer service and professionalism.

Customer care

• We hold a responsibility to customers access the individual  skin types
• Very Sensitive Skin Normally red/blonde hair, blue/green eyes, very pale skin or would not normally tan in outdoor sun
• A biometric finger print system to protect your minutes and also to ensure only 1 tanning session within the recommended 24 hour period.
• Fully trained staff to advise you and ensure your safety. More importantly, to provide you with a safe pleasant tanning  experience.
• A personal consultation and registration form proior to tanning is to help understand your skin type and determined whether you are on any medication that may affect your tanning process.
• Lamps are renewed abiding by health and safety regulations.
• A commitment to introduce tanning units which are 0.3 euro norm compliant, providing UV output considered safe and equal to the midday Mediterranean sun by the European Union.
• No under 18’s are permitted to use our UV services.